Friday, October 7, 2016

Come Over the Wall and Around the Oval With Phoenix Raceway

Ever wonder what’s going on at Phoenix Raceway outside of race weekend?

Welcome to The Insider Track – a new blog that will be home for all things ZOOMTOWN, U.S.A.® Phoenix International Raceway.

Here you will find exclusive content for PIR insiders featuring behind-the-scenes interviews, guest bloggers and insights into what’s going on over the wall and around the oval.

Along with our social media channels – Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTubeThe Insider Track is a way for fans to keep up with what’s going on at their favorite raceway.

We want to show YOU, the track’s loyal fans, what turns the gears at Phoenix Raceway from special information to events and announcements, to stats and photos you can only find in the Valley of the Sun.

Phoenix Raceway’s newest avenue to show all ZOOMTOWN, U.S.A.® residents what PIR is all about, The Insider Track will allow all PIR fans to dive deeper into the stories that makes Phoenix the most scenic premier track in the southwest.

Tune in each week for featured memories, NASCAR and INDYCAR driver interviews, different ways to get involved in and around the track and much, much more! 

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